Allercept Therapy Drops - Immunotherapy the Safest, Long-Term Treatment Available

ALLERCEPT® Therapy Drops

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Formulated with proprietary technology and developed through years of trials in hundreds of dogs, ALLERCEPT® Therapy Drops are sublingually administered and provide a simple way to provide effective treatment and relief.

Along with ALLERCEPT Therapy Shots, Therapy Drops move immunotherapy from a last resort to the first choice for treating allergies.


Using Heska’s ALLERCEPT® allergen-specific IgE test to identify the important allergens, selection of allergens for sublingual treatment is performed in exactly the same manner as ALLERCEPT subcutaneous injections.

A series of specially-formulated treatment extracts in gradually increasing strengths, ALLERCEPT Therapy Drops are a palatable solution delivered in tiny amounts under the pet’s tongue.
Allercept Therapy Drops Product Photo
  • Effective Relief: Sublingual immunotherapy is successful in 60% of patients
  • Easy to Administer: Uniquely-designed dispensing pump makes it easy to administer by the pet owner at home.
  • Simple Dosing: Two pumps under the tongue twice per day
  • An Important Option: Effective in treating pets that failed to respond to allergy shots
  • Safe: Can be used in dogs that have had prior anaphylactic reaction to allergy shots
  • Flexible: Mold extracts can be included with other allergens in the same treatment set
  • Convenient: Room temperature storage
  • World Class Support
    — Heska's Veterinary Diagnostic Lab: Test results within 2 business days.
       — Easy-to-read and interpret test results
       — Recommendation for allergen-specific immunotherapy treatment based on test results
    — Free Consultation with Heska’s veterinary allergy experts at 1-800-464-3752, option 5.
  • Regulated Product Manufacturing Excellence
    Diamond Animal Health, Inc., (DAH) a wholly owned subsidiary of Heska Corporation, manufactures animal healthcare products based upon the timeless principles of quality and good manufacturing practices. DAH is a leader in contract manufacturing of USDA-regulated and licensed biologicals and an expert in the manufacture of FDA-approved pharmaceutical products for both large and small animals.

    Highest Standards in Quality Control Protocols Picture
    Highest Standards in Quality Control Protocols
    • DAH has two fully-functioning Quality Control Laboratories ensuring all manufactured products comply with all applicable safety, purity and potency requirements.
    • DAH has a fully-integrated Quality Assurance team that provides continuous monitoring of manufacturing and testing processes as well as provides calibration and validation functions. This ensures a consistent and quality product at all times.
    • DAH has an extensive raw material qualification process as well as a continuous raw material monitoring and testing program that also ensures consistent and quality product throughout the manufacturing process.
    • DAH has a fully-integrated Regulatory Affairs team that ensures compliance with all applicable regulations, USDA or FDA, during the development, manufacture and testing of all products. ALLERCEPT Therapy Drops Production
    • Immunotherapy is manufactured in a clean room environment with the added protection of extensive sterile gowning and containment hoods to ensure the highest quality product.
    • Each patient therapy manufacturing record is triple checked by the Quality Assurance team, providing additional assurance that your patient is receiving the exact product you ordered.
    • The immunotherapy manufacturing process utilizes personnel that are educated and extensively trained to perform their duties.
    • The product is manufactured to ensure complete lot traceability for each treatment set.

Allergy shots are an ineffective treatment for some patients, due to lack of efficacy, difficulty in administration, or adverse reactions. Sublingual immunotherapy is an effective treatment for many patients who fail to respond to allergy shots.

The immune privilege of oral mucosa. Trends in Molecular MedicineIn addition to offering immunotherapy injections to relieve the painful conditions of atopic dermatitis, Heska is the first to introduce a proprietary sublingual immunotherapy. Administered beneath the tongue, ALLERCEPT® Therapy Drops provide a simple way to provide effective relief.

Sublingual Mechanism

Sublingual immunotherapy allows specific antigens placed under the tongue to induce immunologic tolerance. Multiple mechanisms are involved and include the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-10 and the induction of regulatory T-cells.

The mucosal area under the tongue is a privileged immunological site with unique characteristics. It consists of:
  • A physical barrier (mucosa)
  • Local immune cells
        — High concentration of dendritic cells and T-cells
        — Low concentration of mast cells, basophils and eosinophils
This allows for:
  • Differentiation of pathogens from harmless antigens
  • Muting of immediate and delayed allergic responses
  • Tolerance of mucosally-delivered allergens
Treatment Protocol

When starting a new patient on immunotherapy, should you advise shots or drops? Because both methods are effective, the decision often lies in the client’s own preference for administration and other factors like the pet’s temperament. If the pet has significant mold allergy, drops may be preferred, since mold extracts can be mixed in with other allergens in the same treatment set. Dosing for sublingual immunotherapy gradually increases in concentration.
Allercept dosing and treatment protocol
  1. Patients start with the “A” dilution–using the entire contents of the bottle.
  2. Next, the patient is escalated to the “B” dilution.
  3. The patient is then escalated once more to the “C” dilution – the maintenance dose.
Each bottle is used until empty (lasting approximately 10 weeks) before progressing to the next dilution. The volume of allergen serum dispensed into the oral cavity is always the same–two “pumps” twice daily, every day.


Dispensing the Drops
Rest the dispensing arm of the pump on the lower teeth, anywhere near the front or side of the mouth, with the tip of the arm over the edge of the teeth (Figure 1). To administer, fully depress the pump firmly and quickly so that the dose is released into the mouth, preferably under the tongue. Repeat a second depression of the pump for a total of two pumps per dose. It is important to keep the bottle in an upright position while depressing the pump. It may be helpful to gently hold your pet’s mouth closed while administering the dose (Figure 2).

Do not mix the drops with food or on a treat. The drops are highly palatable for most pets. Avoid giving food or water for 10 minutes after dosing to allow the drops to remain in the mouth as long as possible.

Daily Dosing
Administer the 2-pump dose twice per day, for example, morning and evening. The doses do not have to be given at the same time every day. If you miss a day, do not try to “catch up” by giving additional doses; just continue treatment the next day. Each bottle will last approximately 75 days. Order refill bottles through your veterinarian approximately 2–3 weeks before needed.

Safety and Efficacy

Allergy drops have been used around the world in humans for more than 70 years and numerous studies validate both the safety and effectiveness. In fact, the World Allergy Organization has endorsed sublingual immunotherapy as a viable alternative to injection therapy in humans. The Cochrane Collaboration, the world’s most-trusted international organization dedicated to reviewing healthcare treatments, recently concluded allergy drop immunotherapy significantly reduced allergy symptoms and use of allergy medications. See RESEARCH section for more information.

Heska’s proprietary technology for sublingual administration was developed as a veterinary-specific variation based on a unique, time-tested and highly efficacious human protocol. In efficacy trials with hundreds of atopic dogs treated by veterinary dermatologists in varying geographic areas of the U.S. over the past 3 years, approximately 60% of dogs demonstrated substantial improvement in their clinical signs. Approximately 50% of dogs that showed no improvement or could not tolerate allergy shots, showed improvement when treated with allergy drops.

ALLERCEPT Therapy Drops can even be used safely in dogs that have experienced a prior anaphylactic reaction to allergy shots. If the patient has a history of prior anaphylactic reaction to allergy shots, please contact Heska’s Medical & Technical Consultants at 1-800-464-3752, option 5.

Sublingual immunotherapy has been used around the world in humans for more than 70 years and numerous studies validate both the safety and effectiveness.

In efficacy trials with hundreds of atopic dogs treated by veterinary dermatologists in varying geographic areas of the U.S. over the past 3 years, Heska’s ALLERCEPT® Therapy Drops has been validated as an effective treatment modality for allergic disease.

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Bernie is one of many ALLERCEPT® success stories. With very serious allergic reactions to dust mites, the photos below depict the severity of Bernie's condition before treatment and the drastic improvements he made within a 6-month period of time once beginning ALLERCEPT treatments.

Bernie before sedation and shave down.

Image of Bernie suffering from severe allergies before treatment

Bernie after shave down and before treatment started. He was on extensive pain medications and could barely walk without chewing himself.

Bernie Before Treatment Shaved down and skin very pocked and red

Bernie after three months of treatment with ALLERCEPT.

Bernie after 3 months of treatment - starting to look a lot better!

Bernie after 6 months of ALLERCEPT treatment. Back to feeling like a normal dog again! He is now on year round ALLERCEPT injection treatments.

Bernie after 6 months of treatment feeling like a normal dog and and looking healthy!