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Your colleagues are saving almost 40% on key in-clinic blood tests, and they’re talking about it!

See why hundreds of savvy veterinarians have made the upgrade to Heska “Reset” for accurate, better and faster blood testing…with estimated savings* of $10,000, $30,000, $100,000 and more.  Learn more about the Reset Program!



Dr. Jared Graves
"The transition to Heska from Idexx has been fantastic. My techs love the equipment because it is easy to use. I am saving $30,000 over the next 5 years! Great decision!"

Estimated Savings:* $30,000

Dr. Will Roberts
"I was doing business with Idexx for 20+ years. I switched both of my clinic locations to Heska and have been extremely satisfied. They have fantastic service and support. Their products are excellent quality. Great Experience! I am a believer!"

Estimated Savings:* $40,000

Dr. Denise Frazier
"We switched to Heska because of the savings the Reset program offered us. We love the lower test costs, integration, free service & warranty, and excellent support. We have been very happy with our decision to switch to Heska."

Estimated Savings:* $30,000

Lisa Jividen, DVM
"I have been very happy with my choice to switch from Abaxis to Heska. I am getting results faster and have been extremely happy with their service and support. Great decision, and I will save $30,000 over the next 5 years! Awesome!"

Estimated Savings:* $30,000

Dr. Kathryn Primm, DVM
"Change is always scary, but Heska has been terrific. Not only is testing easier, but we are saving money."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Leslie Brown, DVM
"I was having a lot of problems with my IDEXX lab equipment and support. The switch to Heska Reset has been awesome. It's refreshing to work with a company that understands the needs of today's veterinarians. The testing is more affordable for my clients, which will increase my total clinic revenue. I would highly recommend Heska Reset to all veterinarians."

Estimated 40% Savings*


Dr. Susan McCann
"Heska analyzers save us significantly over our former lab and the accuracy and speed are great. We got tired of paying too much for in-clinic testing. Thanks to Heska's Reset pricing, we get to keep more of our hard earned dollars, which allows us to be able to better help our clients."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Mike LoSasso, DVM  
 and Heather LoSasso, DVM
"We have used Heska equipment in our emergency practice from the start. Not only is it extremely cost effective, it provides repeatable, accurate results. We trust and depend on it in the middle of the night. The chemistry analyzer makes serial electrolyte checks affordable enough to do, and the epoc provides solid blood gas information."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Shandon Field and Grace Rudd
Ridglea West Animal Hospital, Fort Worth TX
"We have used Heska for in-house CBC's for the past 10 years and the DC 4000 for 2 years. Recently, we upgraded to the Element HT5 and the Element DC. With the addition of the Element i, we can complete our routine pre-surgical and wellness labwork quickly and economically. The slides are easy to work with, and our staff can complete the labs while the patient and client wait, giving us the advantage to adjust treatment/medications right away so the client does not have to return later. We are very pleased with all of our equipment from Heska."
Estimated 40% Savings*

Devlon Hogue, Office Manager
"Switching to Heska has allowed us to provide diagnostics to more patients due to significant reduction in the cost of testing. Heska analyzers provide quicker results than our previous analyzers."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. L.D. Eckermann
"We are saving 40% by using Heska. We wholeheartedly recommend Heska to everyone because switching to Heska for fair prices, faster results, and pinpoint accuracy just makes common sense."

Estimated 40% Savings*


Isaac Bott
"There are many options available for veterinary hematology and digital radiography. However, for us the decision was simple. With Heska's customer service, hands-on-demonstrations and helpful sales representatives, we were able to make a calm and rational decision without being pressured to make a purchase. We find the equipment to be very user friendly and reliable. We are pleased to provide the high standard of Heska and Cuattro technology in our multi-species practice."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Kristie Ellis
"Through the Heska/Cuattro bundle, we were able to afford to add ultrasound to our clinic at essentially no cost. Also, we love how simple the Heska analyzers are to operate. We find Heska technology to be accurate and consistent, and we are very happy we made the upgrade to the new Heska."

Estimated Savings:* $19,000

Dr. Casey Wittwer
"Customer Service has been excellent. The in-house cortisol testing has been very helpful."

Estimated Savings:* $72,885.84


Dr. Elaine Lutz
"Even though we were approached by a competitor to switch, we did not want to lose the excellent customer service and support from Heska that we have become accustomed to at Piedmont Pets Vet Care. Not to mention the pricing was far more attractive by staying with Heska for our lab needs on the Reset program."

Estimated Savings:* $10,000


Dr. Gregg Bennett
"For our practice, it's not just about cost savings. Our technicians have really been happy with how easy it is to use the Heska analyzers. Delivering accurate results with minimal fuss allows our entire team to provide the best possible care for our patients."

Estimated Savings:* $38,000

Dr. Bryan Keppler
"We looked at Heska a few years ago and ultimately purchased Idexx because the equipment seemed better. We are glad we looked again. Heska has all new analyzers, and with no lease and lower testing costs, we are saving over $700 each month."

Estimated Savings:* $44,600

Dr. Kimo Jow, Dr. Heather Cullom Dr. Eric Schnieder
"We saved 44% on our in-house lab by switching to Heska."

Estimated 40% Savings*


Dr. Carlo Riolo
"With Heska’s help, we are able to save just under $40K over the next 5 years. With Heska’s unbelievable pricing and RESET program we were able to dramatically reduce the cost of in-house bloodwork at little to no out-of-pocket expense. This has allowed us to drop pricing, reach most customers, increase our sales, and practice better medicine. Leaving IDEXX was the best decision we could have made for our clinic and our customers."
Estimated Savings:* $40,000
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