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Your colleagues are saving almost 40% on key in-clinic blood tests, and they’re talking about it!

See why hundreds of savvy veterinarians have made the upgrade to Heska “Reset” for accurate, better and faster blood testing…with estimated savings* of $10,000, $30,000, $100,000 and more.  Learn more about the Reset Program!



Dean Aldrich, DVM
"The Heska Equipment has been accurate and reliable. The savings have helped us give raises, which makes for happier employees. Our customer service rep has been outstanding! He is second to no one. Knowing we have someone to turn to for questions who we can count on has made the switch to Heska more than worth it."

Estimated Savings:* $88,000

Linda Kauffman, DVM
"I've saved 40% over out-of-house blood labs in the first year and we are doing more bloodwork, in part because clients are more compliant when the results are immediate. The Heska equipment is easy to use and maintain, and the technical support staff is wonderful to work with."

Estimated Savings:* $54,640


Debbie Newhouse, LVT, CVPM, MBA
"Heska has been a great partner for our company. As the owners of 2 busy emergency clinics, the new Reset program made the most sense for us. It completely eliminated extended warranty costs on all our laboratory machines, and we had no capital equipment costs. We receive the lowest consumable costs which adds to our bottom line. In addition, the machines are quick and easy to use, which our doctors and techs love. The Reset program is one of the best decisions we have made."
Estimated 40% Savings*

New Hampshire

Dr. Grant Myhre
"Excellent service, presentation and price."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Joann Young
"Fast, efficient, user friendly. Uses small sample size for small animals. Excellent tech support. Proud user for 15 years!"

Estimated 40% Savings*

New Jersey

Dr. Steven Hornstein
"We are very happy we made the switch to the Heska lab system. The analyzers are accurate, fast and easy to operate. With the new “Reset” rental program we are paying nearly 35% less than with our previous system. We also like that we can customize our printouts for the clients. With Heska we are paying less, but getting more."

Estimated Savings:* $23,014

New Mexico

Dr. Scott Schatzberg
"I will lower my operating costs $46,000 over the next 5 years simply by choosing Heska."

Estimated Savings:* $46,000

New York

R. Reed Stevens, DVM
"Our decision to convert from Idexx to Heska was not a snap decision. In the end we chose Heska for 1) more accurate lab results, 2) cost savings, 3) customer support, and 4) ease of operation. Having already purchased my Cuattro DR and Esaote Ultrasound from Heska, I have become comfortable with [their] corporate ethics and service. I cannot say the same for Idexx."
Estimated Savings:* $17,563

North Carolina

Dr. Barry George
"My staff and I love the speed, flexibility and accuracy of the Heska equipment. We are saving more than 35% over the cost of our other system. We are also able to save clients money by tracking specific values, without running an expensive panel on our hospitalized patients."

Estimated Savings:* $52,000

Dr. Jonathan Pernell, DVM
"We needed to update our in-house hematology and chemistry capabilities. After an in depth comparison of the leading companies/options, we went with Heska. So far, so awesome! Quick, reliable and reproducible results with minimal tech time. Really glad we made the move to Heska."

Estimated 40% Savings*


Dr. Daniel J. Hill
"In our small clinic, we strive to provide the very best care possible to every patient. It is of the utmost importance that our lab equipment be dependable, efficient, and accurate. That's why we use Heska...allowing my team and I to provide quick, efficient care to every patient. Easy to learn and maintain were also heavily weighted factors in our decision to use Heska as our lab equipment partner. The last piece of this puzzle is the amount of money that our clinic is able to save, which in turn, allows us to help more family pets regain their health!"
Estimated Savings:* $25,000

Dr. Doug Hoffman
"We had used a competitors equipment for many years. When we switched to Heska we found the equipment so easy to use our entire staff could be trained instead of paying for a dedicated lab technician. With the time plus cost savings, ease of use and dedicated customer service reps, the switch to Heska has been a great medical and business decision for Care Center."
Estimated 40% Savings*


Dr. Dean Wilson
"We are very excited about the savings we are seeing with our new Heska in-house lab equipment. We expect to save at least $18,000 per year in lab costs alone. Heska support, both over the phone and in person, has been excellent. We are looking forward to a very long and happy relationship with them."

Estimated Savings:* $18,000

Dr. Gordon and Dr. Julee Pickering
"Our decision to make the switch to HESKA in-house diagnostics was an easy one. Because of our 35% Heska savings, we are able to offer better treatment to our clients, more pay to our staff, and keep more of our hard earned dollars. Oh yeah, and we love that the Heska analyzers are faster, accurate and reliable. Easy choice. Go Heska!"

Estimated Savings:* $25,000

Dr. Doug McInnis
"I saved $50,000 over the next 5 years by doing nothing but changing my in-house lab equipment to Heska."

Estimated Savings:* $50,000


Dr. Peter Herman V.M.D
"Heska analyzers save us 45% over our former lab, and the accuracy and speed are superior. We grew tired of paying too much for in-house testing."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Jinho Kwon
"I have been very pleased with Heska's lab system and their service and support. With my upgrade to the Reset program, I'm saving ~$25,000 while adding new diagnostic capabilities to my practice. I get consistent, accurate results at fair prices, and I never pay service fees. I'm truly getting more out of my in-house lab diagnostics, but I'm paying less. "
Estimated Savings:* $25,000

South Carolina

Dr. Kevin Hudson, Left
Dr. Jo Jo Denton, Right
"We recently upgraded from the Heska DRI-CHEM to the Heska Element DC and my technicians love it. I love the accurate results to enable me to practice high quality medicine at a competitive, efficient and affordable price."

Estimated 40% Savings*
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