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Your colleagues are saving almost 40% on key in-clinic blood tests, and they’re talking about it!

See why hundreds of savvy veterinarians have made the upgrade to Heska “Reset” for accurate, better and faster blood testing…with estimated savings* of $10,000, $30,000, $100,000 and more.  Learn more about the Reset Program!



Dr. Rob Lafferty
"Wow what a great company! I have been using Heska in-house diagnostics for over 15 years. They are accurate, easy to use and cost effective. Clients are amazed that I can get the results on blood work so fast."

Estimated Savings:* $25,000

Dr. Rene Lefranc
"I recently traded in my IDEXX to participate in the Heska Reset program. We have been very happy with the analyzers, the support we get from Heska, and the 40% savings. I would recommend this program to everyone."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Lindsay Boozer
"We switched to the Heska Reset Program a year ago and have been saving 40% now on our in-house chemistries. As a specialty hospital both speed and accuracy are so important and we get both with our Heska analyzer, and at a huge savings! I would recommend Heska to anyone!"

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Linda Ellington
"We love the customer service and support we get from Heska, as well as the accurate and speedy results we get from our machines. CBCs with a differential in less than a minute, and multiple different panels of chemistries that can be done quickly in-house are wonderful!"

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Doug Morgan
"We switched to Heska several years back because we wanted more flexibility with our in-house chemistries and better customer service. We are now on their new Reset program which will save us $30,000 over the next 5 years and the analyzer and service is free. Thank you Heska, for the fast, reliable results and tremendous savings!"

Estimated Savings:* $30,000

Dr. Mark Watson
"We recently traded in our Catalyst and Procyte to go with the Heska Reset program. The customer service we have experienced with Heska has been much better than our old provider and the equipment is extremely reliable! Thank you, Heska!"

Estimated Savings:* $50,000

Brantley and Jordan Animal Hostpial
"We have been using Heska for over 15 years and have been on their Reset program for the past 2 years. We have been very happy with the equipment and the support and would highly recommend Heska to anyone."

Estimated Savings:* $50,000

Alisha Spivey DVM, Kimberly Roberts DVM (Owner) and Brittany Kaufman DVM
"We have been using Heska analyzers for over 9 years. We just enrolled in the Reset Rental program last year and are now enjoying 40% savings with no analyzer or warranty payments."

Estimated Savings:* $30,000

Dr. Tom Nemetz & Dr. Mark Mosher
"We switched from Idexx to go with Heska and their Reset program. When you consider the reliability of Heska and the cost savings, it was a no brainer to switch."

Estimated Savings:* $40,000

Janell Jones
"We traded in our Idexx Catalyst and Lasercyte to go with the Heska/Cuattro bundle deal. We were having a lot of issues with our lab equipment and Idexx just didn't seem to care. The Heska/Cuattro bundle deal seemed almost too good to be true! We were able to upgrade to Heska and get free consumables for the whole first year, with no analyzer payments or expensive service agreements! This is helping us to generate enough revenue to pay for the Cuattro digital x-ray system. Heska is a company that truly seems to care about customer service, and we are very glad that we switched. If you want to save substantially, while upgrading your diagnostic capabilities, then Heska is the company to go with. We would highly recommend their program to anyone."
Estimated Savings:* $50,000


Elizabeth Cienava, DVM, DACVP
"All of our interactions with Heska have been timely and professional. Their support staff is very knowledgeable and their analyzers are a must in this industry!"

Estimated 40% Savings*

Jane Fluegel, DVM
"We saved so much switching from Idexx to Heska, it allowed our clinic to upgrade to Digital Radiography. Great savings, great customer service."

Estimated 40% Savings*


Dr. David Walton
"Our new Heska chemistry analyzers and the Reset Program are saving us 35% on supplies compared to other companies we looked at. I didn’t have to buy any equipment to get started which was a great help to me. Savings of more than $23,000 in over the next 5 years is a great benefit. The accuracy and speed are great. Thanks to Heska’s fair and protected “Reset” pricing I can do more to immediately invest in our facility for top-notch patient care."

Estimated Savings:* $23,000

Dr. Barbara Pepin
"Fast simple diagnostic machines with excellent customer support. Heska makes it easy for clients to say yes to quality care for their pets, while boosting your revenue and bonding clients to your practice."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Carla M. Carlton, DVM
"Previously being with Abaxis and then Idexx, Heska was a welcome change, accurate results, quickly but at a much lower cost than both our previous in-house chemistry companies. It’s good to finally partner with a company that puts my bottom line first and not their own. Accurate results, quick results and higher profits, couldn’t be happier. "
Estimated 40% Savings*


Susan Schares, DVM
"We've been very happy with our Heska equipment. We've had the HemaTrue and Dri-Chem for several years and have found them easy to use and maintain. The Heska staff have been very supportive and timely in any assistance we've needed. We just added the Element i and so far we love it!"

Estimated 40% Savings*


Dr. Brett Berryhill
"We have used Heska analyzers for over 5 years and have been extremely pleased with them. They are faster, more accurate, more reliable than our previous analyzers, AND they cost less to operate. They are also very easy to use, so training new staff is quick and easy. Even more important to the practice is that with Heska's "Reset" pricing, our laboratory analyzers have become a valuable profit center."

Estimated 40% Savings*


Dr. Matthew Townsend
"Quality service, accurate results, and the ultimate in transparency with Heska."

Estimated Savings:* $200,000+


Dr. Neal Neuman
"For years we were using a human chemistry machine that gave great results and was extremely flexible, WHEN it was working! It was an extremely high maintenance machine. Then along came Heska. The three machines that we got were simple to use, accurate and reliable. It has been a real pleasure, not to mention the increase in "up time". The interface with our veterinary software has made ordering tests much easier and we are less likely to miss a client charge. All in all, I wish I had made the switch years ago! I happily recommend these machines to any practice."
Estimated Savings:* $8,000

Dr. Alan and Dr. Amy Stader
"We have been using Heska lab equipment since we opened our practice 15 years ago. It always provides accurate results and we have experienced very few problems. When we need help, Heska's technical service department is always able to resolve our issues promptly. I highly recommend Heska lab products."

Estimated Savings:* $5,000

Dr. Bruce Goldman
"We have been very happy utilizing Heska over the years for our hospital. We are glad to be under the new Reset plan, as we can take advantage of the low cost per test it provides. We are now looking forward to the new technology the Element HT5 Hematology Analyzer is going to provide for our CBC needs."

Estimated Savings:* $21,000


Dr. Lawrence Ehrman
"When comparing in-house chemistry/hematology, Heska by far has the most friendly and most efficient customer service representatives. Plus the machines are so easy to use, even our doctors can do it!"

Estimated 40% Savings*


Dr. Mike Thompson
"Our new Heska chemistry analyzers and the “Reset” Program are saving us 35% on supplies every month. That is more than $22,000 over the next 5 years. The accuracy and speed are great. Thanks to Heska's fair "Reset" pricing, we can do more to invest in our facility, our staff and associate veterinarians."
Estimated Savings:* $22,000

Robin Ray
"We recently removed our Idexx Catalyst and are using our Heska DRI-CHEM exclusively for in-house diagnostics. In addition to saving 25% on our in-house tests for guaranteed 5 years, we didn't have to buy any new equipment thanks to the Heska Reset Program. We are really happy with our Heska machines, they are very reliable and user friendly. I really like Heska's technical support, anytime I call they are so helpful and nice."
Estimated 40% Savings*
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