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Your colleagues are saving almost 40% on key in-clinic blood tests, and they’re talking about it!

See why hundreds of savvy veterinarians have made the upgrade to Heska “Reset” for accurate, better and faster blood testing…with estimated savings* of $10,000, $30,000, $100,000 and more.  Learn more about the Reset Program!



Dr. Robin Downing
"Heska sets the standard for in-house diagnostics -- peace of mind for practitioners and pet parents. Now I will have the additional benefit of enhanced revenues with the Reset program. Thanks, Heska!"

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Tim Rowe
"Customer service has been amazing from day one. We’ve upgraded several times and couldn’t be happier with all our analyzers. Cost, customer service and reliability are outstanding. There is just no comparison."

Estimated Savings:* $60,000


Dr.Reid Gorman
"With the new Heska epoc, we are able to reliably monitor electrolyte, acid-bases and relevant blood chemistry indices with a very small volume of blood."

Estimated 40% Savings*


Nola Gedeon, DVM
"Overall (Reset) is saving me money on the reagents. We're running a lot more in-house lab work recently, and that's real convenient when you have an emergency. I just like the equipment. I like running electrolytes. I did buy the Element i so now I can do cortisol and thyroid in-house and that's really nice. That's been a lot more helpful!"

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dave Smith, DVM
"Just bought another hospital and the day that I closed I called my Heska/Cuattro rep and got both of them in there. Financially (Reset) made great sense. We compared the cost per test to what we were using before. We were very happy. It just made sense all the way around. We know where we're at. It's good. People ask my opinion and I'm happy to give it to them. I was an 18 year customer at one company but chose this one. It's better. I haven't looked back. It's a slam dunk for me."
Estimated 40% Savings*

W.M. Lawrence Jernigan, DVM
"We switched about a year ago, and of course the attractiveness was the better pricing than what we were using before. It seems to be working well, the staff has learned how to operate it and we get good results. Of course we improved our CBC. It's a lot more accurate than what we were using before and I can depend on it more."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Ron Hansen
"Not only did I save about $24,000 but my team likes the Heska equipment more than our old provider. It's faster, easier to use and works every time. We find Heska technology to be accurate and consistent and we are very happy we made the upgrade to the new Heska."

Estimated Savings:* $24,000

Richard H. Hall, DVM
"Heska analyzers save us 35% over our former lab and the accuracy and speed are great. We grew tired of paying too much for in-clinic testing. Thanks to Heska's fair "Reset" pricing, we are saving over $30,000 and purchased a new cloud based digital radiography system."

Estimated Savings:* $30,000

Dr. J. Michael Mongue
"Heska delivers fast and accurate results at fair prices, and the analyzers are very easy to use. We are glad we switched to Heska and my entire team is thanking me."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Michael Certa, DVM
"The collaboration with Heska has easily allowed us to offer the high quality in-house diagnostics our pets and clients deserve a package every veterinary team will benefit from."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Steve Simmons
"We have partnered with Heska for many years based upon their quality, service and support. Through the Heska "Reset" upgrade program we continue to get more and pay less. The financial savings are important to our business, our clients, and staff. Heska analyzers deliver fast and accurate results at fair prices. We are happy we selected Heska and will continue to enjoy the quality, efficiency and growth in our laboratory services."
Estimated 40% Savings*
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