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Your colleagues are saving almost 40% on key in-clinic blood tests, and they’re talking about it!

See why hundreds of savvy veterinarians have made the upgrade to Heska “Reset” for accurate, better and faster blood testing…with estimated savings* of $10,000, $30,000, $100,000 and more.  Learn more about the Reset Program!

Dr. Adam Cohen
"The main reason I left my old in-house lab company is because every time I got an invoice, I got nickled and dimed. When you get extra bills it makes it much more difficult to figure out what you're actually paying for each test. Now, I know exactly what I'm being charged for, there's no hidden costs, and I know exactly what I'm paying for each panel. I'm very pleased with that. Once you know your costs, then running your business is pretty straightforward. I provide a more fair price to my clients and therefore am able to run more bloodwork. The Reset program fits my model perfectly. It was really an easy decision."

"I took a look at 3 different companies... at economics, ease of use of the equipment and of course accuracy and support staff. I felt that going with Heska was the right move. The cost factor was considerably less for me and therefore I could run a little more blood and maybe make a little more money, but give the clients a lot more value for their dollar. The equipment was very simple to run. It didn't take a rocket scientist to get a CBC done...even I could do it! The results seem very accurate after testing against our outside lab. They were very close and we were very comfortable with that. I trust my results 100%."
"We've switched over all 3 of our hospitals to Heska. Probably one of the best moves I've ever made as an owner of 35 years. We really have very few problems with the equipment and the support is excellent. With the Reset program, we get what we need every month and the ordering is simple."
Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Erika Cartwright
"Change is always a challenge in the veterinary practice, but Heska made it easy. With Heska analyzers we can achieve quick, accurate results for pets and better pricing for our clients. Heska's customer service is also exceptional and exceedingly better than our old provider. Go Heska. You won't be sorry you did!"

Estimated Savings:* $88,032.16

Dr. Thomas J. and Dr. Farrah Austin
"We've recently upgraded our analyzers and converted to the new Reset Rental program that Heska offers. We are looking forward to the additional testing the new analyzers will provide, as well as the lower cost per test the rental program affords. We have been a longtime Heska customer and look to continue that partnership."

Estimated Savings:* $28,000

Dr. John Maddigan
"Our expectations were definitely “Reset” when we upgraded to Heska. Heska analyzers are accurate, fast and easy to use and their customer service is exceptional. Heska’s fair pricing means that we pay 40% less while we get more!"

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Thalia Bozeman and Dr. Neville Sookra
"The Heska analyzers are easy to use and have allowed us to provide quick, reliable and accurate results to our clients while saving approximately 30% of what we were spending on an outside lab. We're seeing the benefits of this program for ourselves and so are our clients. We wish we had made the switch to Heska sooner!"

Estimated 40% Savings*

Nathan Stefanoff, DVM
"Heska analyzers save us 45% over our former lab, and the accuracy and speed are great. We grew tired of paying too much for in-clinic testing. Thanks to Heska's fair “Reset” pricing we can do more to invest in our family, our staff and associate veterinarians."

Estimated Savings:* $23,014

Dr. Ronald Hamilton
"We saved quite a bit by running our labs with Heska, and we found the results comparable with the outside labs, without the cost and wait time."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Lindsay Ruland, DVM
"Prior to opening my clinic I worked as a relief veterinarian at various clinics. I got to experience all the machines commonly used such as IDEXX, Abaxis and even some human products. None of them compared to the accuracy, dependability and ease of use of the Heska machines! There wasn't any question for us. We will only use Heska products at EVH!"
Estimated 40% Savings*

James Chang, DVM and Dawn
"I like Heska, easy to use, convenient and fast. We get most everything we need in-house including TSH ability. We also got 1 free year of all chemistry consumables with the purchase of Cuattro Digital Radiography. I actually get referrals from other doctors for x-rays due to the high quality of the image."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Jim Dobies
"Urgent Vet does 98% of its labwork in-house, so we were looking for a partner rather than simply a vendor. In addition to saving more than $70,000, Heska provided a consultative sales team that recommends strategic solutions which best meet our needs. The new Heska technology is fast accurate and consistent. And their tech support is the best in the industry. We couldn't be more pleased with Heska products and services."

Estimated Savings:* $73,000

Dr. Dianna Anagnos
"We saved $50,000 on all our consumables while also eliminating all extended maintenance charges across all our machines. The techs say the new hematology unit is much faster and more accurate than our old Idexx machine. On top of that we got the ability to bring TSH and Cortisol testing in-house, which no other practice in the area has. Couldn't be happier!"
Estimated Savings:* $50,000


Dr. Roger Nichols (owner), Jennifer Moore, Head LVT & Dr. Jeremy Deaton
"We have nothing but good things to say about Heska. Their support, service, equipment and products are wonderful, giving us fast and accurate results at a very fair price. We are very pleased."

Estimated Savings:* $30,000

Dr. Michael Penney
"We feel with the Heska Reset Rental Program we have found the most cost-effective solution to fast and reliable in-house blood work! We love that we can get immediate and excellent customer support when we have questions and we have been very happy with our decision to go with Heska, instead of sending our blood work out to the lab."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Mark Russell
"We took advantage of the Heska bundle and brought in the Heska lab equipment. Financially, a sound deal and our diagnostic capabilities have been significantly enhanced with the Heska Analyzers."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Laura Dennis, Dr. Billy Cox & Angela Golden
"We recently traded in our Abaxis equipment to participate in the Heska Reset Rental Program. My techs find the Heska analyzers easier to use and I love the flexibility of the testing. We also get a much nicer printout and it is integrated into our practice management software. We are so glad we upgraded to Heska and would recommend their analyzers and program to anyone!"
Estimated Savings*: $20,000


Bill Langhofer, DVM
"My team likes the Heska equipment more than our old provider. It’s fast, easier to use and almost idiot proof. We find Heska technology to be accurate and consistent, and we are very happy we made the upgrade to the new Heska."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Simon Escalada DVM
"Best thing that has happened to our practice in a long time. We traded our Idexx in-house lab equipment for Heska and we love it. Heska analyzers deliver fast and accurate results at fair prices. The 45% savings is important to our business, our clients and staff. We're glad we made the switch to Heska."

Estimated Savings:* $24,000

British Columbia

Rob Koreman, Practice Manager
"We have been using Heska Lab equipment for over 15 years. Our newest instrument, the Element DC, enables us to run fast and accurate in-hospital chemistry tests while at the same time saving over 30% a year when we compare to sending out. We are able to charge our clients less while increasing our gross profit. Heska hematology and chemistry instruments and their tech support team are very reliable."
Estimated 40% Savings*


Bruce M. Curley, DVM
"We saved $35,000 but found that the lab equipment is more accurate and reliable as well. We are very happy with our choice."

Estimated Savings:* $35,000

Dr. Dan Kittel
"We chose Heska in-house lab equipment right from the start when we opened our practice. We wanted to avoid problems we'd had with other analyzers in the past. Heska has been amazing with its customer service and easy-to-use machines. When we switched to the Reset program this year, we saved $13,000 and eliminated paying warranty costs for 5 years."

Estimated Savings:* $13,000

Nikki Faucetta, Dr. Judy I, Tica and Melissa
"Since switching to Heska diagnostics, our hospital has saved thousands of dollars. We have also expanded running in-house lab work that not only makes us and our clients happy, but our patients are getting instant quality results."

Estimated 40% Savings*

Dr. Jack Gregg
"When it comes to our in-house blood analyzers, the most important aspect to me is the accuracy of the machine. The previous unit that we had was inconsistent and I couldn't have that. My staff has been very pleased with the switch to Heska. The transition was easy and the customer service is great."

Estimated 40% Savings*
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