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Your colleagues are saving almost 40% on key in-clinic blood tests, and they’re talking about it!

See why hundreds of savvy veterinarians have made the upgrade to Heska “Reset” for accurate, better and faster blood testing…with estimated savings* of $10,000, $30,000, $100,000 and more.  Learn more about the Reset Program!
Photo of John Maddigan, Practice Owner
"Our expectations were definitely "reset" when we upgraded to Heska. Heska analyzers are accurate, fast and easy to use and their customer service is exceptional. Heska's fair pricing means that we pay 40% less while we get more!"

John Maddigan, Practice Owner
Willamette Valley Animal Hospital
Keizer, OR

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Neville Sookra & Dr. Thailia Bozeman
"The Heska analyzers are easy to use and have allowed us to provide quick, reliable and accurate results to our clients while saving approximately 30% of what we were spending on an outside lab. We're seeing the benefits of this program for ourselves and so are our clients. We wish we had made the switch to Heska sooner!"

Dr. Neville Sookra and
Dr. Thalia Bozeman
Animal Health Clinic
Bradenton, FL

Estimated Savings: $35,000
Photo of Nathan Stefanoff, DVM
"Heska analyzers save us 45% over our former lab, and the accuracy and speed are superior. We grew tired of paying too much for in-house testing. Thanks to Heska's fair 'reset' pricing we can do more to invest in our family, our staff and associate veterinarians."

Nathan Stefanoff, DVM
Copper View Animal Hospital
Riverton, UT

Estimated Savings: $80,640
Photo of Dr. Kathryn Primm, DVM
"Change is always scary, but Heska has been terrific. Not only is testing easier, but we are saving money. "

Dr. Kathryn Primm, DVM
Applebrook Animal Hospital
Ooltewah, TN

Estimated Savings: $20,000
Photo of Dr. Ronald Hamilton
"We saved quite a bit of time and money by running our labs with Heska, and we found the results comparable with the outside labs, without the cost and wait time. "

Dr. Ronald Hamilton
Gulf Coast Veterinary Center
Spring Hill, FL

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Linda S. Kauffman
"I've saved 40% over out-of-house blood labs in the first year and we are doing more bloodwork, in part because clients are more compliant when the results are immediate. The Heska equipment is easy to use and maintain, and the technical support staff is wonderful to work with."

Dr. Linda S. Kauffman
Burnt Fork Veterinary Clinic
Stevensville, MT

Estimated Savings: $54,640
Photo of Dr. Rene Lefranc
"I recently traded in my Idexx Catalyst and Procyte to participate in the Heska Reset program. We have been very happy with the analyzers, the support we get from Heska and the 40% savings. I would recommend this program to everyone."

Dr. Rene Lefranc
2nd Avenue Animal Hospital
Columbus, GA

Estimated Savings: $30,711
Photo of Dr. Steven Hornstein
"We are very happy we made the switch to the Heska lab system. The analyzers are accurate, fast and easy to operate. With the new Reset rental program we are paying nearly 35% less than with our previous system. We also like that we can customize our printouts for the clients. With Heska we are paying less, but getting more."

Dr. Steven Hornstein
Monroe Animal Hospital
Monroe Township, NJ

Estimated Savings: $23,014
Photo of Dr. Lindsay Boozer
"We switched to the Heska Reset Program a year ago and have been saving 40% now on our in-house chemistries. As a specialty hospital both speed and accuracy are so important and we get both with our Heska analyzer, and at a huge savings! I would recommend Heska to anyone! "

Dr. Lindsay Boozer
Cobb Veterinary Internal Medicine
Marietta, GA

Estimated Savings: $30,000
Photo of Dr. Kimo Jow, Dr. Heather Cullom
"We saved 44% on our in-house lab by switching to Heska!"

Dr. Kimo Jow, Dr. Heather Cullom &
Dr. Eric Schnieder
Auburn Veterinary Hospital
Auburn, WA

Estimated Savings: $17,000
Photo of Dr. Peter Herman, V.M.D
"Heska analyzers save us 45% over our former lab, and the accuracy and speed are superior. We grew tired of paying too much for in-house testing."

Dr. Peter Herman V.M.D
Providence Veterinary Hospital
Chester, PA

Estimated Savings: $39,287
Photo of Dr. Linda Ellington
"We love the customer service and support we get from Heska, as well as the accurate and speedy results we get from our machines. CBC's with a differential in less than a minute, and multiple different panels of chemistries that can be done quickly in-house are wonderful! "

Dr. Linda Ellington
Dearborn Animal Hospital
Decatur, GA

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Dean Wilson
"We are very excited about the savings we are seeing with our new Heska in-house lab equipment. We expect to save at least $18,000 per year in lab costs alone. Heska support, both over the phone and in person, has been excellent. We are looking forward to a very long and happy relationship with them."

Dr. Dean Wilson
Companion Pet Clinic of Klamath Falls
Klamath Falls, OR

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Doug Morgan
"We switched to Heska several years back because we wanted more flexiblity with our in-house chemistries and better customer service. We are now on their new Reset program, which will save us $30,000 over the next 5 years and the analyzer and service is free! Thank you Heska for the fast reliable results and tremendous savings! "
Dr. Doug Morgan
Dunwoody Animal Hospital
Dunwoody, GA

Estimated Savings: $30,000
Photo of Dr. Doug McInnis
"I saved myself $50,000 over the next 5 years by doing nothing but changing my in-house lab equipment to Heska."

Dr. Doug McInnis
West Ridge and East Ridge
Animal Hospital
Klamath Falls, OR

Estimated Savings: $50,000
Photo of Dr. Scott Schatzberg
"I will lower my operating costs $46,000 over the next 5 years simply by choosing Heska. "

Dr. Scott Schatzberg
Animal Neurology and
Imaging Center "The ANIC"
Algodones, NM

Estimated Savings: $46,000
Photo of Leslie Brown, DVM
"I was having a lot of problems with my Idexx lab equipment and support. The switch to Heska Reset has been awesome. It's refreshing to work with a company that understands the needs of today's veterinarians. The testing is more affordable for my clients which will increase my total clinic revenue. I would highly recommend Heska Reset to all veterinarians."
Leslie Brown, DVM
Fannon Animal Hospital
Knoxville, TN

Estimated Savings: $22,000
Photo of Dr. Ron Hansen
"Not only did I save about $24,000 but my team likes the Heska equipment more than our old provider. It's faster, easier to use and works every time. We find Heska technology to be accurate and consistent, and we are very happy we made the upgrade to the new Heska."

Dr. Ron Hansen
Animal Care Center Hospital
Jacksonville, FL

Estimated Savings: $24,000
Photo of Dr. Robin Downing
"Heska sets the standard for in-house diagnostics - - peace of mind for practitioners and pet parents.  Now I will have the additional benefit of enhanced revenues with the Reset program.  Thanks, Heska! "

Dr. Robin Downing
Windsor Veterinary Clinic
Windsor, CO

Estimated Savings: 40%
Photo of Dr. Mike Thompson
"Our new Heska chemistry analyzers and the Reset Program are saving us 35% on supplies every month. That is more than $22,000 over the next 5 years. The accuracy and speed are great. We grew tired of paying too much for in-clinic testing. Thanks for Heska's fair "Reset" pricing, we can do more to invest in our facility, our staff and associate veterinarians. "

Dr. Mike Thompson
Warrenton Veterinary Clinic
Warrenton, MO

Estimated Savings: $22,000
Photo of Bruce M. Curley, DVM
"We saved $35,000 but found that the lab equipment is more accurate and reliable as well. We are very happy with our choice."

Bruce M. Curley, DVM
Acacia Pet Clinic
San Jose, CA

Estimated Savings: $35,000
Photo of Rob Koreman
"We have been using Heska Lab Equipment for over 15 years. Our newest instrument, the Element DC, enables us to run fast and accurate in-hospital chemistry tests while at the same time [we are] saving over 30% a year when we compare to sending out. On top of that, we are able to charge our clients less while increasing our gross profit. Heska hematology and chemistry instruments and their tech support team are very reliable. "
Rob Koreman
Animal Emergency Clinic
of the Fraser Valley
Langley, BC

Estimated 30% Savings
Reset Image
"When comparing in-house chemistry/hematology, Heska by far has the most friendly and most efficient customer service representatives. Plus the machines are so easy to use, even our doctors can do it! "

Lawrence Ehrman, DVM
Veterinary Medical Hospital
Flint, MI

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo Robin Ray
"We recently removed our Idexx Catalyst and are using our Heska DRI-CHEM exclusively for in-house diagnostics. In addition to saving 25% on our in-house tests for guaranteed 5 years, we didn't have to buy any new equipment thanks to the Heska Reset Program. We are really happy with our Heska machines, they are very reliable and user friendly. I really like Heska's technical support, anytime I call they are so helpful and nice."
Robin Ray
Blue Springs Animal Hospital
Blue Springs, MO

Estimated 25% Savings
Photo of Dr. Elaine Lutz
"Even though we were approached by a competitor to switch, we did not want to lose the excellent customer service and support from Heska that we have become accustomed to at Piedmont Pets Vet Care. Not to mention the pricing was far more attractive by staying with Heska for our lab needs on the Reset program."

Dr. Elaine Lutz
Piedmont Pets Vet Care
Warrenton, VA

Estimated Savings: $10,000
Photo of Jane Fluegel, DVM
"We saved so much switching from Idexx to Heska, it allowed our clinic to upgrade to Digital Radiography. Great savings, great customer service."

Jane Fluegel, DVM
Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital
Rockford, IL

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Lindsay Ruland, DVM
"Prior to opening my clinic I worked as a relief veterinarian at various clinics. I got to experience all the machines commonly used such as Idexx, Abaxis and even some human products. None of them compared to the accuracy, dependability and ease of use of the Heska machines! There wasn't any question for us. We will only use Heska products at EVH! "

Lindsay Ruland, DVM
Emergency Veterinary Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Doug Hoffman
"We had used a competitors equipment for many years. When we switched to Heska we found the equipment so easy to use our entire staff could be trained (on the equipment) instead of paying for a dedicated lab technician. With the time plus cost savings, ease of use and dedicated customer service reps, the switch to HESKA (equipment) has been a great medical and business decision for Care Center."

Dr. Doug Hoffman
Care Center
Cincinnati, OH

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Reid Groman
"With the new Heska epoc we are able to reliably monitor electrolyte, acid-base and relevant blood chemistry indices with a very small volume of blood."

Dr. Reid Groman
VMG Veterinary Specialty
Center of Delaware
New Castle, DE

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Dan Kittel
"We chose Heska in-house lab equipment right from the start when we opened our practice. We wanted to avoid problems we'd had with other analyzers in the past. Heska has been amazing with its customer service and easy-to-use machines. When we switched to the Reset program this year, we saved $13,000 and eliminated paying warranty costs for 5 years."

Dr. Dan Kittel
Kittel Family Veterinary Practice
Elk Grove, CA

Estimated Savings: $13,000
Photo of Isaac Bott, DVM
"There are many options available for veterinary hematology and digital radiography. However, for us the decision was simple. With Heska's customer service, hands-on-demonstrations and helpful sales representatives, we were able to make a calm and rational decision without being pressured to make a purchase. We find the equipment to be very user friendly and reliable. We are pleased to provide the high standard of Heska and Cuattro technology in our multi-species practice."

Isaac Bott, DVM
Mountain West Animal Hospital
Springville, UT

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Simon Escalada, DVM
"Best thing that has happened to our practice in a long time. We traded our Idexx in-house lab equipment for Heska and we love it. Heska analyzers deliver fast and accurate results at fair prices. The 45% savings is important to our business, our clients and staff. We're glad we made the switch to Heska."

Simon Escalada, DVM
Nogales Veterinary Clinic
Nogales, AZ

Estimated Savings: $24,000
Photo of Kristie Ellis, DVM
"Through the Heska/Cuattro bundle, we were able to afford to add Ultrasound to our clinic at essentially no cost. Also, we love how simple the Heska analyzers are to operate. We find Heska technology to be accurate and consistent, and we are very happy we made the upgrade to the new Heska."

Kristie Ellis, DVM
Millcreek Animal Hospital
Ogden, UT

Estimated Savings: $19,000
Photo of Dave Smith, DVM
"Taking advantage of the Heska & Cauttro Integration (Bundle) not only saves our practice $23,000 in the first year, it will save us over $55,000 in expenses going forward. Staff loves the performance and ease."

Dave Smith, DVM
Sarasota Vet Center
Sarasota, FL

Estimated Savings: $55,000+
Photo of Dr. David Walton
"Our new Heska chemistry analyzers and the Reset Program are saving us 35% on supplies compared to other companies we looked at. I didn't have to buy any equipment to get started, which was a great help to me. Savings of more than $23,000 in over the next 5 years is a great benefit. The accuracy and speed are great. Thanks to Heska's fair and protected "Reset" pricing, I can do more to immediately invest in our facility for top notch patient care."

Dr. David Walton
Rising Sun Veterinary Clinic
Rising Sun, IN

Estimated Savings: $23,000
Photo of Dr. Wade Gingerich
"This is my first experience in ownership of in-house lab equipment. During the difficult decision making process of which equipment to purchase, Jeff O'Brien seemed more like a friend than a salesperson and he has continued to provide a personalized touch to Heska's customer service. Heska made the initial investment affordable and setup easy. We have been using the equipment for eight months and to date we have had no major technical problems or hangups. I am happy we decided to go with Heska and would recommend them to any practice."

Dr. Wade Gingerich
Pet Dental Center
Bonita Springs, FL

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Jeff Brantley
"We have been using Heska for over 15 years and have been very happy with the equipment and the support and would highly recommend Heska to anyone."

Dr. Jeff Brantley
Brantley and Jordan Animal Hospital
Macon, GA

Estimated Savings: $50,000
Image of Laurel Park Animal Hospital
"We needed to update our in-house hematology and chemistry capabilities. After an in depth comparison of the leading companies/options, we went with Heska. So far, So awesome! Quick reliable and reproducable results with minimal tech time. Really glad we made the move to Heska."

Dr. Johnathan Pernell
Laurel Park Animal Hospital
Hendersonville, NC

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Mark Watson
"We recently traded in our Catalyst and Procyte to go with the Heska Reset program. The customer service we have experienced with Heska has been much better than our old provider and the equipment is extremely reliable! Thank you, Heska!"

Dr. Mark Watson
Crossroads Animal Hospital
Newnan, GA

Estimated Savings: $50,000
Photo of Dr. Casey Wittwer
"Customer Service has been excellent. The in-house cortisol testing has been very helpful."

Dr. Casey Wittwer
Zion Vet Clinic
Hurricane, UT

Estimated Savings: $72,885.84
Photo of R. Reed Stevens, DVM
"Our decision to convert from Idexx to Heska was not a snap decision. In the end we chose Heska for 1) more accurate lab results, 2) cost savings, 3) customer support, and 4) ease of operation. Having already purchased my Cuattro DR and Esaote Ultrasound from Heska, I have become comfortable with [their] corporate ethics and service. I cannot say the same for Idexx."

R. Reed Stevens, DVM
Ellicott Small Animal Hospital
Buffalo, NY

Estimated Savings: $17,563
Photo of Dr. Amit Singh
"The cost savings are simply one of the factors that led us to choose Heska. We are poised to save approximately $250,000 over 5 years alone. The customer service goes far beyond the normal. We can reach someone 24/7. On occassion, we send out the same sample just to compare the hematology and chemistry results, and they are always spot on. The service, quality and price made this an easy decision for us."

Dr. Amit Singh
South Bay Animal Hospital and Pet Resort
San Jose, CA

Estimated Savings: $250,000
Photo of Dr. Erika Cartwright
"Change is always a challenge in the veterinary practice, but Heska made it easy. With Heska analyzers we can achieve quick, accurate results for pets and better pricing for our clients. Heska's customer service is also exceptional and exceedingly better than our old"

Dr. Erika Cartwright
Advanced Animal Care
Fort Mohave, AZ

Estimated Savings: $88,032.16
Image of Columbia Animal Clinic
"In our small clinic, we strive to provide the very best care possible to every patient. It is of the utmost importance that our lab equipment be dependable, efficient,and accurate. That's why we use Heska...allowing my team and I to provide quick, efficient care to every patient. Easy to learn and maintain were also heavily weighted factors in our decision to use Heska as our lab equipment partner. The last piece of this puzzle is the amount of money that our clinic is able to save, which in turn, allows us to help more family pets regain their health!"

Dr. Daniel J. Hill
Columbia Animal Clinic
Columbia Station, OH

Estimated Savings: $25,000
Photo of Dr. Jared Graves
"The transition to Heska from Idexx has been fantastic. My techs love the equipment because it is easy to use. I am saving $30,000 over the next 5 years! Great decision!"

Dr. Jared Graves
Union County Animal Hospital
Maynardville, TN

Estimated Savings: $30,000
Photo of Hudson Veterinary Hospital Staff
"We recently upgraded from the Heska DRI-CHEM to the Heska Element DC and my technicians love it. I love the accurate results to enable me to practice high quality medicine at a competitive, efficient and affordable price."

Dr. Kevin Hudson, Left
Dr. Jo Jo Denton, Right
Hudson Veterinary Hospital
Sumter, SC

Estimated 40% Savings
Image of WestVet
"All of our interactions with Heska have been timely and professional. Their support staff is very knowledgable and their analyzers are reliable - a must in this industry!"

Elizabeth Cienava, DVM, DACVP
West Vet ER and Specialty Center
Garden City, ID

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. James Chang,DVM and Dawn
" I like Heska, easy to use, convenient and fast. We get most everything we need in-house including TSH ability. We also got 1 free year of all chemistry consumables with the purchase of Cuattro Digital Radiography. I actually get referrals from other doctors for x-rays due to the high quality of the image."

James Chang, DVM and Dawn
CVet Animal Hospital
Naperville, IL

Estimated 40% Savings
Reset Image
"Fast simple diagnostic machines with excellent customer support. Heska makes it easy for clients to say yes to quality care for their pets, while boosting your revenue and bonding clients to your practice."

Dr. Barbara Pepin
Cross Creek Housecall Practice
Floyds Knobs, IN

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Dianna Anagnos
"We saved $50,000 on all our consumables while also eliminating all extended maintenance charges across all our machines. The techs say the new hematology unit is much faster and more accurate than our old Idexx machine. On top of that we got the ability to bring TSH and Cortisol testing in-house, which no other practice in the area has. Couldn't be happier!"

Dr. Dianna Anagnos
Calumet Emergency Veterinary Clinic
Schererville, IN

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Gordon and Dr. Julee Pickering
"Our decision to make the switch to HESKA in-house diagnostics was an easy one. Because of our 35% Heska savings, we are able to offer better treatment to our clients, more pay to our staff, and keep more of our hard earned dollars. Oh yeah, and we love that the Heska analyzers are faster, accurate and reliable. Easy choice. Go Heska!"

Dr. Gordon and Dr. Julee Pickering
La Pine Animal Hospital
La Pine, OR

Estimated Savings: $25,000
Image of Mount Airy Veterinary Associates
"We have been using Heska lab equipment since we opened our practice 15 years ago. It always provides accurate results and we have experienced very few problems. When we need help, Heska's technical service department is always able to resolve our issues promptly. I highly recommend Heska lab products."

Dr. Alan and Dr. Amy Stader
Mt. Airy Veterinary Associates
Mt. Airy, MD

Estimated Savings: $5,000
Photo of Dr. Thomas J. and Dr. Farrah Austin
"We've recently upgraded our analyzers and converted to the new Reset Rental program that Heska offers. We are looking forward to the additional testing the new analyzers will provide, as well as the lower cost per test the rental program affords. We have been a longtime Heska customer and look to continue that partnership."

Dr. Thomas J. and Dr. Farrah Austin
Grace Animal Hospital
Bridgeport, WV

Estimated Savings: $28,000
Image of Urgent Pet Care
"Heska has been a great partner for our company. As the owners of 2 busy emergency clinics, the new Reset program made the most sense for us. It completely eliminated extended warranty costs on all our laboratory machines, and we had no capital equipment costs. We receive the lowest consumable costs which adds to our bottom line. In addition, the machines are quick and easy to use, which our doctors and techs love. The Reset program is one of the best decisions we have made."

Debbie Newhouse, LVT, CVPM, MBA
Urgent Pet Care
Papillion, NE

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. Gregg Bennett
"For our practice, it's not just about cost savings. Our technicians have really been happy with how easy it is to use the Heska analyzers. Delivering accurate results with minimal fuss allows our entire team to provide the best possible care for our patients."

Dr. Gregg Bennett
Tumwater Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
Olympia, WA

Estimated Savings: $38,000
Photo of Dr. Judy I Tica
"Since switching to Heska diagnostics, our hospital has saved thousands of dollars. We have also expanded running in-house lab work that not only makes us and our clients happy, but our patients are getting instant quality results."

Dr. Judy I, Tica
Pet Depot Vet Group
La Verne, CA

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Dr. J. Michael Mongue
"Heska delivers fast and accurate results at fair prices, and the analyzers are very easy to use. We are glad we switched to Heska and my entire team is thanking me."

Dr. J. Michael Mongue
Pace Veterinary Clinic
Pace, FL

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Michael Certa, DVM
"The collaboration with Heska has easily allowed us to offer the high quality in-house diagnostics our pets and clients deserve - a package every veterinary team will benefit from."

Michael Certa, DVM
Coastal Animal Clinic
Largo, FL

Estimated 40% Savings
Photo of Paw Health Network Inc
"With Heska’s help, we are able to save just under $40K over the next 5 years. With Heska’s unbelievable pricing and RESET program we were able to dramatically reduce the cost of in-house bloodwork at little to no out-of-pocket expense. This has allowed us to drop pricing, reach most customers, increase our sales, and practice better medicine. Leaving IDEXX was the best decision we could have made for our clinic and our customers."

Dr. Carlo Riolo
PAW Health Network, Inc.
Mosinee, WI

Estimated 40% Savings
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