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Heska Employee with Dogs

Who We Are:

Heska is dedicated to provide the core technology and services that impact high quality pet care, and help ensure positive outcomes for veterinarians and their patients. Heska was created by veterinary professionals for veterinary professionals. Our pledge to customers is to stand behind sound science, following best medical practices even when it’s easier to follow the crowd.

Working at Heska is about fast growth, a high level of responsibility and the willingness to try new things.


What Heska Team-Members Are Saying:

Heska employee - Amy E.
“Heska has always supported my individual contributions in my position making me feel valued. It’s so wonderful to be part of an organization that gives you the tools you need to be successful.”
- Amy E., Product Manager
Heska employee - Ray M.
“Over the last 15 years, I have had the honor and privilege to work for an amazing company such as Heska. I am surrounded by a family who takes great pride in their work, and always strives to achieve excellence in all that they do. This family away from home has always made work enjoyable through their kindness and love for the job. Heska has always been a company that has valued its employees and customers, and for that I am truly blessed to work for such a remarkable company.”
- Ray M., Instrument Service Technician
Heska Employee - Jesselyn
“What makes Heska such an incredible place to work are truly the people who work here. I have never experienced so much drive, effort, work ethic, passion, and support as I have from my fellow employees, my family at Heska.”
- Jesselyn G., Bacterins Technician
Heska Employee Larry W.
“Heska Des Moines (Diamond Animal Health) has been my home away from home for 30 years. I appreciate being able to contribute to the important products and services we provide to the veterinary industry and find the working environment both pleasant and stimulating. I’m especially grateful for all the fine, caring people that are part of the Heska family. ”
- Larry W., Director, Quality Assurance & Pharmaceutical Quality Control
Heska Employee - Jen B
“Heska is home for me. This is where I belong because I can be myself and I’m encouraged to constantly seek to improve. We have a wonderful balance of professionalism and fun all while providing first class service.”
- Jen B., Certified Veterinary Technician
Heska Employee Brand A.
“I have consistently been impressed by all of the things Heska does for us as employees. This is the type of company that keeps employees for a long time.”
- Brandy A., Payroll Supervisor/Accounting Specialist
Heska Employee - Tom W.
“Heska has created a deep-rooted culture that celebrates people and purpose. As a result, when someone asks me what I do, I talk about a career, not a job. Heska makes going to work every day seem easy – you just want to be here.”
- Tom W., Training Department
Heska Employee - Nicole H
“Being relatively new to Heska, I am so proud to say that I am a part of this company. From the warm, supportive culture that surrounds me to the incredible products that I support, I can’t think of a better place to work. As one of our technical support specialists, I derive great satisfaction from helping our customers to get the most from their Heska analyzers by answering any questions they may have and helping them to resolve any problems that arise.”
- Nicole H., Technical Support Services

Rewards & Benefits:

Heska is pleased to be part of charitable partnerships, especially those opportunities that assist and support companion animals and their owners. We also encourage employee efforts to give back.
  Wellness & Beyond
Heska's benefits include medical, dental, vision, pet insurance and reimbursement for healthy habits (unique company wellness program). We also encourage our employees to invest in retirement through our 401(k) and Employee Stock Purchase Plans.
Work/Life Balance
Heska believes in the value of a well-balanced life; so much so, that it is part of our company Creed. Our benefits, which include a generous time-off package, support quality of life outside of work.
Programs such as the Purple Rocket Award, Tokens of Gratitude, safety bonuses, monthly birthday celebrations, and various company-sponsored events help to enrich our vibrant company culture.