Scil Animal Care Company
341 King St, Unit 1
Barrie, ON L4N 6B5
Phone: 705-726-9995
Toll Free: 866-382-6937
Fax: 705-726-9202
Web Site:

HESKA® Products Available:

Diagnostic Instruments and Reagents:
  • Element DC® Chemistry Analyzer & DRI-CHEM® Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer, Slides & Accessories
  • Element HT5 Veterinary Hematology Analyzer & HemaTrue® Veterinary Hematology Analyzer, Reagents & Accessories
  • Element POC™ Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer System, Test Cards & Accessories
  • Vet/IV™ 2.2 Infusion Pump and Accessories
  • Solo Step® CH Canine Heartworm Antibody Test Kit
  • Solo Step® FH Feline Heartworm Antibody Test Kit